Channel Islands

Surfboard CHANNEL ISLANDS X-lite Pod Mod 6.2 red

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POD MOD Fish - Al Merrick - Channel Islands Best Seller

Dimensions Volume
6'2 x 21 3/8" x 2 3/4" 40.5 liters

Includes: Board without fins

In 2000, the original Pod became everyone's favorite virtually overnight.

The Pod Mod design is a completely reworked Pod that is surfed even shorter and wider.
Designed for the rider who wants more volume without sacrificing performance.
In order to glide properly in smaller waves, the tail has been widened and the previous single to double concave has been replaced by a flat entry to concave vee to allow for quick rail to rail transitions.

Experienced surfers should surf this board 3-6 inches shorter than their height.

With the 5 Future fin boxes, the board can be surfed as a quad or thruster.

The Torq X-Lite technology takes the already innovative epoxy construction to unprecedented levels of weight and performance.
The core of the boards consists of a custom made high precision EPS blank, which is covered with biaxial fabric and epoxy resin. An additional layer of impact resistant protective mesh is applied to the deck of the X-Lite boards, distributing the pressure of impacts evenly across the surface to protect against dings and heel dents.
The bottom features a torsionally stiff Carbon Strip that controls flex and makes the board incredibly responsive.
X-Lite construction stands out over traditional PU/polyester construction due to its more environmentally friendly production process and unmatched weight to toughness ratio.

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