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The GO School Softboard for school and rental offers everything in 9 shapes that makes learning to surf easy.
The shapes contain elements of modern surfboards and combine current surfboard design with the requirements of a beginner surfboard.
It meets all the requirements that a surf school or board rental company places on such a surfboard.

Equipped with high-density EPS foam core, epoxy wood sandwich laminate and a soft, durable foam deck, embedded EVA foam buffer zones on the tail and nose make this board line stable and durable for a long time in use.

7.0 feet long wide body
22 1/2 inches wide
3 3/8 inches thick
65.7 liters volume

- Soft foam deck
- Slick bottom with 3mm padding
- Carrying handle embedded in the floor
- Epoxy wood sandwich construction under the foam shell
- Continuous wooden stringer for more stability and reflex
- EPS foam core
- Edge protection made of EVA foam on the tail and nose
- Replaceable soft fins screwed through the deck

Size/Length 7.0
Width 22 1/2
Height 3 3/8
Volume 65.7
Red color
Fin box deck crew
construction soft
material epoxy
Shipping class TTP forwarding