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The new Shaka SurfLongboard brings the ultimate feel of riding on water. With a premium surfboard rocker shape (tip and tail curve up), it won’t leave you skidding out of control after dishing outasweetturn; you’ll have a lower center of gravity backed up with a wide, totally secure body, where you can truly feel the ride under your feet. Complete control and unique leverage gives nothing but smooth, buttery turns. The Shaka is perfectly designed for land paddling with a Kahuna Stick. This is a ride that can only be described as ‘freedom’.

Named after the Hawaiian word for “Hang Loose”, the Shaka Surf Longboard tributes its smooth ride to its Hawaiian roots. Artwork by David Ray Gould is based on Ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs, proudly including the Hawaiian “Honu” turtle, and other ancient surfing symbols locked in time.

Featuring Kahuna Creations’ signature beach sand grip, this is the crown jewel of Kahuna board riding. From a ride that you have to feel to understand, down to its very name, the Shaka Surf Longboard is destined to ignite the soul and free the spirit.