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O&E Ryan Callinan Signature 3 Piece Tail Pad White

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  • Colour Way: White
  • Length: 305mm
  • Width: 298mm
  • Pieces: 3
  • Arch: 7mm
  • Kick: 25mm
  • Groove: Base-Flex, Perforation

Power Kick 25mm
High-density EVA foam wedge inserted into the tail kick for added control and drive.

Waterproof EVA
Developed to improve all-round performance.

Kick Flex
If a board has a rolled deck, the Kick Flex insert on the tail kick helps the grip mould to the same shape as the board.

Superior Adhesive Backing
4A high-grade adhesive formula, developed for EVA offers maximum, long-lasting adhesion.

O&E’s unique CC55 is a closed cell EVA formula which has been developed to be UV stabilized, water-resistant, super grippy, extremely thin and lightweight. The addition of purposely positioned perforation and slots also reduces weight and adds extra grip for toes to grip.