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Protect your skin on-the-go during summer and winter with EQ's practical Combo Sunstick-Sunscreen. The skin is shielded from UVA and UVB rays and their harmful effects. Ideal for the entire family with a formula that does not dry out the skin and counteracts the effects of extreme conditions (cold, wind, salt water, etc.). The sunstick is integrated into the screw-cap of the tube. The sunscreen does not creep into the eyes and prevents the feeling of tight skin.


  • To ensure high protection with the SPF50+ sun combi-stick, make sure you first shake the tube of cream well before use.
  • Its two-in-one format means you can use the combi-stick by applying it to the face like sun cream or using the stick to protect sensitive areas like the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones or the lips.
  • We recommend generous and even application before exposure to the sun to ensure the exposed surface is properly covered.
  • Make sure you spread it evenly to avoid white spots.
  • Don't forget to reapply frequently to maintain your protection.