Mark Phipps

Mark Phipps Surfboard 7'2 One Bad Egg

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Welcome to your new one board quiver.

OBE is the ultimate performance mid-length for waves of all shapes and sizes. The One Bad Egg is one of our most popular, bestselling designs ever, loved for its versatile performance and user friendly fun.

Whether you’re a shortboarder looking to join the midlength revolution, or downsizing from riding fun shapes and bigger boards, you’ll love the OBE.

Rather than a shrunken longboard or an exploded shortboard, the OBE is very much a performance egg, ‘Bad’ because while it cruises on the face, it also has plenty of attitude, thriving on rail and in the pocket.

Lightweight PU construction

Long even curve & contours

Easy paddling and effortless turning.

2+1 fin setup (single fin with futures sides). We recommend the specially made Phipps Edition 2+1 fin set

Length Width Thickness Volume
7'2 20 5/8 2 3/4 45.4L