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Scope of delivery: Board without fins

The perfect "one board for everything" solution.
The wide, fish-like nose extends to the 12" limit with a relaxed rocker and single concave.
From the center, the outline narrows in a long curve into a Rounded Pintail with a little more rocker under the back foot.
The bottom runs from a Double Concave into a Vee behind the fins.

This combination makes the board easy to paddle and gets more waves than a regular fish.
Furthermore, it still performs excellently even in critical waves. Under the front foot it is fast and accelerates great.
If you shift the weight to the back, the Rounded Pintail in combination with the Double Concave provides enormous agility and responsiveness.
It keeps the highline relaxed in the barrel and allows for extra deep carves.

With its 5 Future fin boxes it can be surfed as a quad or thruster.

Dimensions: 6'4 x 21" x 2 3/4"
Volume: 40.2 liters
5 Futures Finboxes

Torq Epoxy Composite offers versatile performance shapes in the most advanced epoxy construction.
A mix of traditional fiberglass layers and carbon fibers is used, making the boards ultra-light and ultra-tough.

Leading Epoxy Technology
Using optimized composite construction methods, the TEC range is one step ahead. Super stable, yet lightweight boards with perfect flex.

Control - Flex - Response
The TORQ epoxy composite construction uses one layer each of 6oz and 4oz fiberglass and carbon reinforcements (in the tail and as stringers). The underside is also reinforced with carbon in the tail area and also has a carbon strip that extends over the entire length, providing the board with controlled flex and lively response.

Unmatched Durability
Breakthrough TEC technology has been applied to create true high performance boards with unrivaled durability.

EPS Foam:
Computerized blank manufacturing results in significantly less waste. No MDI or TDI. Far more environmentally friendly than traditional polyurethane blanks.

6oz and 4oz fiberglass and a 6oz deck patch provide more stability with less weight than traditional polyester boards.

Stronger - More Lively
Provide the board with higher stretchability than fiberglass. More lively in maneuvers plus stronger in stressed areas such as over the fins.

Stronger - More environmentally friendly
Less release of toxic VOCs when cured. Stronger than polyester resin. No excess/waste during processing.