Christiaan Bradley

Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Olympia LC6 NEW2024

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Olympia LC6

A juiced up step down designed to come al ive when the sur f is sub par,
the Olympia features moderate ent ry and f lat exi t rockers for elect r ic
top end speed. A wider outline, shallow concaves and slightly fuller rails
keep per formance spr i tely in sof ter sur f, whi le a new LC6 epoxy bui ld
featur ing carbon inlays in the tai l resul t in a wickedly l ight board.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'10 19 2 7/16 28.4L
Shallow concave to slight double through the fin area. A shal lower concave l imi ts ‘stickiness’ in gut less surf.
Medium st raight ent ry to f lat ter exi t. Dr ive, react ivi ty, maintained speed.
Wider nose and tail.
Futures fins ,Thruster
Sl ight ly ful ler, rounded. For added f loat/gl ide through turns in mush.