Christiaan Bradley

Christiaan Bradley Hybrid Surfboard Chocolatine

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Christiaan Bradley Surfboard Chocolatine

Chocolatine was named after a localised South-West French breakfast croissant and in particular a reference to the world class surf spot "La Piste". Designed firstly as a model to drop into barrels and hold your line, we soon realized the board was a bit more of an all rounder than just this and it quickly became our best seller for a number of years.
It is an evolution of "The Pie" with a pulled in tail to handles hollower waves. The Chocolatine is a world traveler. If you can only afford one board this year, the Chocolatine is it! An ultimate all rounder for the general surfing public.

Length Width Thickness Volume
6'0 10 1/4 2 5/8 34.3L
6'4 20 3/4 2 4/3 39L