6’0 Suns Vega Tec-2 – Aura Blue

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Stand out from the crowd. The Vega is a speed machine, with its very straight outline and aggressive hip/flyer. This board will fly down the line but still pull a tight arc when you stomp on the tail.

Designed to best suit all levels of riders from casual to advanced, this board will perform in fast down-the-line waves ranging from knee-high to double overhead. It will work particularly well for riders wanting a little more length to get additional paddle power for critical waves but do not want the additional size associated with a longboard.

Do yourself a favour, try out The Vega and light up some faces.

Dimensions Volume
6’0 x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ 34.5 ltr

Suns Tech 2 Construction

Unique hand-made construction incorporates the amazing strength and durability the Suns is renowned for in a new ultra-lightweight finish. Crafted with tailored resin work and available in seven custom colour finishes with model logos to match, you can see and feel the technology from the very first touch.

Suns Tech 2 is our high-end offering in the Suns range. It was created with the same core values and properties as the Suns Tech 1 but in a slightly more reactive, high-performance package.

A high-density EPS core is completely encased in a medium-gram fibreglass, this is then filled with a special foaming bio-epoxy resin to fill in the weave and begin to create a strong durable structure. The board is then final shaped and laminated with fibreglass again in a special double-lamination process that enables us to recreate the strength and flex properties of a sandwich construction board, without the traditional sandwich medium.

  • Bio Epoxy resin for a more sustainable future
  • UV resistant 2 part automotive clear coat to prevent yellowing or colour fading and keeps your board in perfect condition
  • 2 lb High-density EPS Core
  • High-density foam-reinforced fin systems offer amazing strength and resilience
  • Carbon fibre reinforced leash plug for better strength