4/3 Womens Axis Back Zip Wetsuit Graphite Blue - US12

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Xcel Axis Back Zip

Xcel’s Axis is an excellent choice for those who prefer a back zip wetsuit and the flattering waistline combined with minimal branding makes for a great-looking wetsuit that will be appreciated by many looking to take a dip without breaking the bank.

Although this is at the lower price point of Xcel’s range, the Axis maintains high-quality features such as performance stretch neoprene, which is a multi-directional weave with a spandex blend for superior stretch and performance.

Triple glued and blind stitched is where the foam edges of the seams are glued multiple times before being joined together, creating a water-tight seal, then stitched a quarter way through the foam to give it the strength needed. Additionally, the Axis has spot taping on the stress points for extra durability.

An engineered fit refers to the Axis’s tailored cut which includes pre-bent knees for a well-fitting, comfortable wetsuit.

A watertight zip will minimise water entering the suit, and the nylon collar is comfortable against your neck and doesn’t pull hair.

The Thermolite lining is a lightweight, thermo-generating yarn that offers a great deal of insulation without adding weight. The lining is slightly thicker in the chest and back to keep your vital organs warm while being thinner in the arms and legs for increased flexibility.