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Oozing with style, the Super X range is a direct result of riders demanding a focus on performance longboarding and exceptional surf versatility.


–  Featuring thin chimed rails in the nose area with a generous amount of tuck through the mid-section foiling to a sharp release edge in the tail to maximize the best short and longboard styles

–  Single to double concave bottom contour leading into a high-performance pulled-in tail section with lower rails for extra grip on the wave face.

–  The perfect rocker gives extra control in the bottom turn combined with a wide nose for hanging-10 or a sneaky-5.

–  The Super X design delivers full rail cutbacks, lip smacks and powerful bottom turns – supercharged like a much shorter board without sacrificing longboard glide.

Built-in SLX Technology
The Super X is only offered in premium SLX technology: Wave riding performance reduced weight and durability.

10’ x 29″ (132.0 L)
A scaled-up version of the 10’x27″, it’s more forgiving and stable but with the same killer performance for 85kg-100kg beginner to intermediate riders. Concave nose and soft chimed rail for nose riding, then jump on the tail to ride like a shortboard. Super fun, fast and rides waves effortlessly.

The DC Surf Super X comes with a set of two NSP J3 RTM fins and a single NSP Wave 6.0 RTM fin. RTM stands for “Resin Transfer Moulding”, producing lightweight performance fins, offering great flex, speed, manoeuvrability and responsiveness.

Dale Chapman design
The Super X range is shaped and designed by the legendary Dale Chapman.

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
10’0 29 4 ¹/⁴ 132 8.88 kg